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Enumeration TxResultCode


Enumeration members

ErrAppConfig = 40

ErrAppConfig defines an error occurred if min-gas-prices field in BaseConfig is empty.

ErrConflict = 36

ErrConflict defines a conflict error, e.g. when two goroutines try to access the same resource and one of them fails.

ErrIO = 39

ErrIO should be used to wrap internal errors caused by external operation. Examples: not DB domain error, file writing etc...

ErrInsufficientFee = 13

ErrInsufficientFee to doc

ErrInsufficientFunds = 5

ErrInsufficientFunds is used when the account cannot pay requested amount.

ErrInternal = 1

ErrInternal should never be exposed, but we reserve this code for non-specified errors

ErrInvalidAddress = 7

ErrInvalidAddress to doc

ErrInvalidChainID = 28

ErrInvalidChainID defines an error when the chain-id is invalid.

ErrInvalidCoins = 10

ErrInvalidCoins to doc

ErrInvalidHeight = 26

ErrInvalidHeight defines an error for an invalid height

ErrInvalidPubKey = 8

ErrInvalidPubKey to doc

ErrInvalidRequest = 18

ErrInvalidRequest defines an ABCI typed error where the request contains invalid data.

ErrInvalidSequence = 3

ErrInvalidSequence is used the sequence number (nonce) is incorrect for the signature

ErrInvalidType = 29

ErrInvalidType defines an error an invalid type.

ErrInvalidVersion = 27

ErrInvalidVersion defines a general error for an invalid version

ErrJSONMarshal = 16

ErrJSONMarshal defines an ABCI typed JSON marshalling error

ErrJSONUnmarshal = 17

ErrJSONUnmarshal defines an ABCI typed JSON unmarshalling error

ErrKeyNotFound = 22

ErrKeyNotFound defines an error when the key doesn't exist

ErrLogic = 35

ErrLogic defines an internal logic error, e.g. an invariant or assertion that is violated. It is a programmer error, not a user-facing error.

ErrMemoTooLarge = 12

ErrMemoTooLarge to doc

ErrMempoolIsFull = 20

ErrMempoolIsFull defines an ABCI typed error where the mempool is full.

ErrNoSignatures = 15

ErrNoSignatures to doc

ErrNotFound = 38

ErrNotFound defines an error when requested entity doesn't exist in the state.

ErrNotSupported = 37

ErrNotSupported is returned when we call a branch of a code which is currently not supported.

ErrOutOfGas = 11

ErrOutOfGas to doc

ErrPackAny = 33

ErrPackAny defines an error when packing a protobuf message to Any fails.

ErrPanic = 111222

ErrPanic is only set when we recover from a panic, so we know to redact potentially sensitive system info.

ErrTooManySignatures = 14

ErrTooManySignatures to doc

ErrTxDecode = 2

ErrTxDecode is returned if we cannot parse a transaction

ErrTxInMempoolCache = 19

ErrTxInMempoolCache defines an ABCI typed error where a tx already exists in the mempool.

ErrTxTimeoutHeight = 30

ErrTxTimeoutHeight defines an error for when a tx is rejected out due to an explicitly set timeout height.

ErrTxTooLarge = 21

ErrTxTooLarge defines an ABCI typed error where tx is too large.

ErrUnauthorized = 4

ErrUnauthorized is used whenever a request without sufficient authorization is handled.

ErrUnknownAddress = 9

ErrUnknownAddress to doc

ErrUnknownExtensionOptions = 31

ErrUnknownExtensionOptions defines an error for unknown extension options.

ErrUnknownRequest = 6

ErrUnknownRequest to doc

ErrUnpackAny = 34

ErrUnpackAny defines an error when unpacking a protobuf message from Any fails.

ErrWrongPassword = 23

ErrWrongPassword defines an error when the key password is invalid.

ErrWrongSequence = 32

ErrWrongSequence defines an error where the account sequence defined in the signer info doesn't match the account's actual sequence number.

ErrorInvalidGasAdjustment = 25

ErrorInvalidGasAdjustment defines an error for an invalid gas adjustment

ErrorInvalidSigner = 24

ErrorInvalidSigner defines an error when the tx intended signer does not match the given signer.

Success = 0

Success is returned if the transaction executed successfully