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AminoWallet is a wallet capable of signing on the legacy Amino encoding. Amino encoding is still a must-use when signing with Ledger and thus still supported in the chain, but is phased out slowly.

In secret.js AminoWallet is mainly used for testing and should not be used for anything else. The reason is that some Msg types don't support Amino encoding anymore and thus won't work with this wallet (and Ledger). Msgs that do support Amino encoding also must encode with Protobuf, so if a Msg is working as intended with AminoWallet, it'll also work with Wallet.

For reference, even txs that are signed using Amino, are sent to the chain using Protobuf encoding, so inside the chain the tx is converted to Amino in order to verify the signature.





address: string

The account's secret address, derived from publicKey

coinType: number

The coin type in the HD derivation path

hdAccountIndex: number

The account index in the HD derivation path

mnemonic: string

The mnemonic phrase used to derive this account

privateKey: Uint8Array

The secp256k1 private key that was derived from mnemonic + hdAccountIndex

publicKey: Uint8Array

The secp256k1 public key that was derived from privateKey